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Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule and Live Streaming

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule

Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule Shooting rivalries at the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro are planned to happen from 6 to 14 AUG at the National Shooting Center in Deodoro. A most extreme of 390 contender will have the capacity to contend in the fifteen occasions over these Games.

The occasion organization is comparable in 2012 with some remarkable changes to the principles and rules of the opposition.

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About Shooting
Purpose of the Game
Why To Watch this?
Rio Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule
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About Shooting

A preeminent test of precision, shooting made its Olympic introduction at Athens 1896, the main Games of the current time. In Rio de janeiro, contenders will fight to achieve the platform in nine men's & six ladies' occasions, all person.

Purpose of the Game

Over an classification of gun classes and positions, contenders need to shoot at moving or stationary objects, scoring focuses for precision.

Why to watch this?

Shooting is a genuine test of  requests intellectual and accuracy and mental expertise instead of physical quality, with rivalries won and lost by a matter of millimeters.

Summer Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule

Summer Olympics 2016 Shooting Schedule

Saturday 6 AUG 2016
Women's 10m Air Rifle Final (9:00 PM)
Men's 10m Air Pistol Final (12:00 AM)

Sunday 7 AUG 2016
Women's 10m Air Pistol Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Women's Trap Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men's Trap Qualifications (5:30 PM)

Monday 8 AUG 2016
Men's Trap Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men 10m Air Rifle Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)

Tuesday 9 AUG 2016
Women's 25m Pistol Qualification/Final (5:30 PM)

Wednesday 10 AUG 2016
Men's Double Trap Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men's 50m Pistol Qualifications/Final

Thursday 11 AUG 2016
Women's 50 meters Rifle Three Positions Qualifications/final (5:30 PM)

Friday 12 AUG 2016
Men's 50m Rifle Prone Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men's Skeet Qualifications (5:30 PM)
Women's Skeet Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Qualifications (5:30 PM)

Saturday 13 AUG 2016
Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)
Men's Skeet Qualifications/Final (5:30 PM)

Sunday 14 AUG 2016
Men's 50m rifle three positions qualifications/final (5:30 PM)

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