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Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Schedule and Live Streaming

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Schedule

Three Gymnastics controls will be challenged at the Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Schedule 2016  in Rio de Janeiro: imaginative acrobatic, cadenced vaulting and trampolining. All acrobatic occasions are managed at the Arena Olimpica do Rio (otherwise called the HSBC Arena) from 6th to 21st AUG 2016.

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About Gymnastics
Purpose of the Game
Why To Watch this?
Summer Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Schedule
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About  Gymnastics
wallop horse, Equalization pillar, parallel bars, rings... in creative aerobatic the opponent contend on various mechanical assembly in individual and group occasions, six for ladies and eight for men. This conventional game has been in the Games since Athens 1896.

Purpose of the Game
Consolidating quality, adaptability, equalization and elegance, gymnasts drive themselves to their physical cutoff points utilizing an assortment of contraption, for example vaults, shafts and bars and also in the staggering device free "floor" schedules.

Why to watch this?
exhibitions of quality and aerobatic ability highlighting unbelievable flips and somersaults, the acrobatic in plain view over an overall week of occasions will make them reassess what you thought the human body was able to do.

Summer Olympics 2016 Gymnastics Schedule

Wednesday 3 AUG 2016
Men's podium training: Subdivision 1 (07:00 PM)
Men's podium training: Subdivision 2 (11:00 pm)
Men's podium training: Subdivision 3 (03:00 am)

Thursday 4 AUG 2016
Women's podium training: Subdivision 1&2 (06:15 pm)
Women's podium training: Subdivision 3 (11:00 pm)
Women's podium training: Subdivision 4 (02:00 am)
Women's podium training: Subdivision 5 (05:00 am)

Saturday 6 AUG 2016
Men's qualifications: Subdivision 1 (07:00 pm)
Men's qualifications: Subdivision 2 (11:00 pm)
Men's qualifications: Subdivision 3 (03:00 am)

Sunday 7 AUG 2016
Women's qualifications: Subdivision 1&2 (06:15 pm)
Women's qualifications: Subdivision 3 (11:00 pm)
Women's qualifications: Subdivision 4 (02:00 am)
Women's qualifications: Subdivision 5 (05:00 am)

Monday 8 AUG 2016
Men's team final (12:30 am)

Tuesday 9 AUG 2016
Women's team final (12:30 am)

Wednesday 10 AUG 2016
Men's all-round final (12:30 am)

Thursday 11 AUG 2016
Women's all-round final (12:30 am)

Sunday 14 AUG 2016
Men's floor finals(10:30 pm)
Men's pommel horse finals (10:30 pm)
Women's vault finals (10:30 pm)
Women' uneven bars finals (10:30 pm)

Monday 15 AUG 2016
Men's rings finals (10:30 pm)
Women's balance beam finals (10:30 pm)
Men's vault finals (10:30 pm)

Tuesday 16 AUG 2016
Men's parallel bars finals (10:30 pm)
Women's floor (10:30 pm)
Men's high bar (10:30 pm)

Wednesday 17 AUG 2016
Gala l (05:30 pm)
Gala ll (11:30 pm)

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